Depending upon the brand and model of your jacuzzi hot tub spa accessories and parts can range anywhere from acrylic repair kits, air controllers and injectors, sock filters, filter cartridges, diverter knobs, filter bags to accessories such as pillow inserts, blowers, drains and suctions, fiberoptic replacements, spa cover lifts, electrical load centers, heaters, spa sanitizers, cover cleaners, tub vacuums, temperature display units, jets, jet sequencers, underwater color changing lights, chemicals, cleaning agents, to various delightful aroma therapy fragrances.

When considering the purchase of a new hot tub spa it is of utmost importance to seek information concerning what accessories are going to be needed for the installation, immediate set up and use of your new spa as well as what these items are going to cost.  Some brands of hot tub spas will require accessories that other brands do not.  These costs should then be calculated into the final purchase price of your new spa.

The future necessity of parts that may need to be replaced is also very important.  Do not hesitate to ask what are the ‘weak points’ of this spa.  As an example you may ask: “What parts are most commonly replaced and what are their costs?”

Whether it be an accessory or a new part it is important to ask about any guarantees or manufacturing warranties that may come with this spas accessories or parts, especially those parts that are flexible or a motor driven part.  An example of such flexible or motor driven parts might include tub vacuums, electrical load centers, underwater color changing lights, spa cover lifts and heaters.

JACUZZI  WORLD: A Bit Of History

Around 1900 a family of seven brothers, the Jacuzzi’s, immigrated to the United States, from Italy, and, initially formed a company that made aircraft.  After the tragic death of one brother the Jacuzzi brothers stopped making aircraft and began manufacturing hydraulic aircraft and deep well agricultural pumps.

In 1948 a 15 month old family member contracted rheumatoid arthritis, suffering from chronic pain.  It was soon realized that the Jacuzzi agricultural water pumps could be adapted for a home bathtub; soothing whirpool treatments began for the child who grew up healthy and eventually took control of the Jacuzzi company.

The medical community soon recognized the benefit of this hydro pump that could fit into a home bathtub enclosure. Jacuzzi hydro-therapeutic portable pumps soon became a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle.  The word soon spread of the therapeutic values of the Jacuzzi portable bathtub pumps and soon hundreds of thousands of Jacuzzi portables were installed, both indoors and out, in private homes as well as community recreation centers, fitness clubs and swimming pools.

In the early 1970s, the Jacuzzi brothers began producing larger units in the early 1970’s. These units came with built-in heating and filtering systems. The Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa was born! 

Today baths, showers, sinks, hot tubs, toilets, sinks, and accessories proudly carry the reliable Jacuzzi name and are commonly found in residential homes, hotels, aboard cruise ships, popular health clubs and in high-end spas around the world.

Jacuzzi hot tubs are affordable, easy to install and they are sturdily built so the need for parts and repair kits are few.  Covers are now available for the out of doors hot tub or as a safety feature for little ones on an indoor installed hydrotherapy jacuzzi hot tubs.

If you have never experienced the therapeutic value of a jacuzzi portable hot tub you are truly missing a relaxing, healing experience!